Our Services Include

Performance Art

Creative and technical support to assist groups and individuals create original performance pieces. Covering all aspects of the process from gathering inspiration, composition, costuming and choreography to technical execution and publicity. Signal Creative can also create ongoing opportunities for these works to be seen locally and nationally.

Audio recording and skill development

Oral Histories, Music, Composition and Found Sound! Signal can facilitate workshops and recording sessions using a range of Digital Audio products from world class multi-tracking to free apps on smart phones to empower participants to create and capture their stories.

Multimedia projects

Working with sound in the creation of Podcasts, Sound Art and the capturing of stories, documentary material and music elements. This audio can be used for Art Exhibitions, Online spaces, physical installations, alongside photo and audio journals. Using both accessible recording technology and the latest professional workstations to build skills and provide ongoing access for continuing creativity!


Workshops are a great way to meet women in communities and find their passion for music and sound! Signal Creative have extensive experience in running one off workshops and panels for programs and conferences including beat-making, vocal groups, instrument tuition, sound recording and photo journaling.

Music Mentoring

A long term program designed around building skills, nurturing creativity and developing life-long connections with artists to help them achieve their creative goals without judgement.  Song-writing, performance, production and artist management are just some of the focus areas for this customised program. To learn more about Signal Music Mentoring contact us here. A great way to meet participants and get interest in a long term program is a workshop. Signal will travel to communities and set up a safe creative space for women to come and express themselves. To learn more about Making Music workshops contact us here.


Signal Creative are highly experienced in running and promoting events ask us about any services around your event or festival including artist performance preparation, promotion, ticketing, booking, and co-ordinating. Recent events include NEON CAVES at Canberra's Enlighten Festival, Youth Week Disco and Holiday Program in Coonabarabran and NEON PARTY in Dubbo.


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